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The best graduation (goof-up) pics ever !! May 22, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in CMU, humor, image, weird.

Lot of water has flown under the bridge ( my most hated cliche ) since my graduation/convocation ceremony. Uuh….well its actually been just 3 days, but trust me even in 3 days, lot of water does flow especially given that there are 800 bridges over 3 rivers in Pittsburgh šŸ˜€



Now 3 days later I realized that the best ever pictures from the ceremony were emailed to me today by my good colleague Joy. It turns I was a part of a little goof-up on stage. And I am so glad this was captured by Joy’s camera. He had the camera with the right position, he himself was in the right position and his presence of mind and some luck ensured that these set of pictures will go down as among the best set in my collection !!

For now, I will let you guys fill the dots and interpret what really happened.

Here is the slide show.

Or let me just tell you – I forgot to shake hands with my department head Jamie Carbonell. I went straight from taking the degree from Bob and was on my way to shake hands with Dean Randy Bryant, while I just realized what I was doing ! I then paused, took a step back and shook hands with Jamie. In the background Tom Mitchell looks on. The crowd sent a laughter track down as they saw what I was upto !

I later met Jamie and sort of sheepishly told him that was not my intention. He said that there was always something like this every year – last year someone forgot to receive the degree and just walked past the stage and the year before another person stumbled over his graduation gown. So, I did not do too bad then. Someone even told me that was funny and cute :-P.

The actual pictures are 10 MP resolution and one can zoom in to see the exact facial expressions on several faces in those 5 seconds on stage !

[ To Rajaram : man, best trivia ever ! ]



1. Rajaram Kamath - May 22, 2007

Amazing snaps man….

You rarely ever goof up. So its ok to do it once in a while. And what a place to do it!! But that makes ur graduation all the more memorable. The expression on his face and the awkward position you are in with your ankles in a twisted postion as you stop mid way through and probably turn back to shake hands with him…. You really should thank the guy who took these snaps.. Great camera work.. and you have one more to you trivia collection…

[I am not allowed to check my yahoo mails from office, but I am told u have sent in quite a few mails.. So had to be content with seeing all the snaps through your blog. Will check out my mail at college today after about 20 odd days .
Btw check this out

2. Deepak Krishnan - May 23, 2007

someday, when u r famous, i shall use this incident in a quiz question

3. Deepak Krishnan - May 23, 2007

make that really, really famous!!! šŸ˜€

4. Ashwini - May 23, 2007

The ‘goofing-up’ pictures are not opening, but I got a fair idea from the pixel-by-pixel description there. [although it also kinda sounds like you fractured both your ankles šŸ˜‰ ]

5. Abhinav - May 23, 2007

Haha! I can see the faculty was also laughing..That was really funny in a cute sort of way..

6. Sharath Rao - May 23, 2007

@abhinav : thats exactly my advisor/guide had to say ( she was on stage as well )
@ashwini : “sounds like you fractured both your ankles” ….well, when u have a hammer in ur hand, everything looks like a nail.besides, u probably have a pop-up blocker or some such stuff blocking ‘quality user experience’. having a ‘fair idea’ is not enough (especially now that you are a doc), you must see it first hand.
@deepak : that is setting up perverse incentives to make people want to be famous šŸ˜‰
@rajaram : well, its the kind of goofups that somebody else I know is ‘famous world-wide all over little rock’, the kind that does no harm but that which everyone can have a good laugh about. How are you planning to beat this trivia ? šŸ˜€ …maybe somersault on stage on the way to ur degree or something šŸ˜‰
that CFA thing ….bad ( A.T. style )…what to tell ( A.K style )…so wat is the alternative now ? ..another reason you should have been here…uh…govt. microcontrol over education related institutions !!

7. Renu Aravind - May 23, 2007

Very cute the word i can use for this situation.
Renu (Hope u remember)

8. Aswin - May 23, 2007

Ha Ha … I did a goofy thing once in little rock during the ‘literary and cultural day’ awards :PP … What happened was that I was to receive 2-3 certificates that event… and I didn’t expect them to give me ALL certificates together in a bunch :P, together in a black file. So what happened was that I received my file, and waited there a little too long :PP … but actually the next file was for the next guy, not for my second certi .. and all my certis were in my hand !

I must have looked like the greediest award winner of all times !! Anyway, once again , happy graduation ! šŸ™‚

9. Sharath Rao - May 23, 2007

Renu: thanks for your comment. you’ve got m@il.

aswin : i wud think that it infact reflects poorly on little rock which was probably trying to save time by denying due recognition to prize winners. šŸ˜¦ when each competition was conducted and judged independently of others, winners shud have been recognized independently as well šŸ˜€

10. mazhalai - May 23, 2007

congrats on graduating!!

11. Sharath Rao - May 23, 2007

thanks for ur comment and ur wishes, mazhalai.

12. Jeevan - May 25, 2007

Congrats Sharath!!!
All the best !
( remember ?)

13. Sharath Rao - May 25, 2007

thanks man jeevan. and ofcourse, i remember u..just visited ur photo blogs…some really great pics there man..

14. Ramya Pasapula - May 27, 2007

Wow!! Congratulations on Graduating Sharath….well deserved…not so well received!!…this just adds on to your knack of seeing humor/a story to be told in every aspect of life…even in your moment of glory….don’t know too many people who would in addition to being extremely proud be able to laugh out loud everytime they thought of their graduation day….[:)] Regardless of the goof-up (or maybe because of)..I am basking in reflected glory to have a friend in you.
– Ramya

15. Sharath Rao - May 28, 2007

thanks, ramya. quite lucky to have that captured the way it did … i wont say i am the chosen one for all these goof-ups and also have them captured….but i am glad it turned out the way it did.. šŸ˜€

16. Jenifer Villanueva - May 29, 2010

Super great post. Really!

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