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Assorted links today May 19, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in assorted, humor, india, sport.

Apathy at Bangalore, nothing unofficial about it.


Same guests at 42 weddings. Nothing marital and certainly nothing blissful about it.


I would be curious to see how American/European governments ( with their humanrights focus as well as sporting infrastructure ) would handle situations like this. Something prodigious about it.


Read this and answer the question : What specific event is being talked about ?

To me, there is in this incident — and in the entire hoopla surrounding the Indian team’s preparation for the World Cup — the prescription for a disaster in the making. You’ve got to be in India to understand the frightening dimensions of this thing, really. Turn on the television, and every Coke, Pepsi and Brittania are running ads that seem to indicate that the results of the tournament is a foregone conclusion. Switch to a music channel, and we are flooded with songs and videos supposedly meant to cheer on the team.

In combination, what is being created is a form of hysteria that reached a crescendo this Sunday with that tamasha at the Wankhede (and there is a World Cup concert lined up as well, courtesy Pepsi, for the 22nd). I can’t conceive of a sight more ridiculous than to see the Indian World Cup squad lined up on stage, while a stream of industrialists, having paid for the privilege by way of sponsorship bucks, garlanded them and applied tilak to their foreheads.

There were so many industrialists — not forgetting a certain Amitabh Bachchan — queueing up for their share of the spotlight that pretty soon, the players ran out of space on their foreheads for the next tilak-applier in the queue.

And the crowds went wild. Singing and dancing with Abhijeet to the tune of the cheerleading song. Celebrating as though the result of the tournament was a foregone conclusion.

The corporates have good reason for climbing on the Cup bandwagon, and pumping in millions by way of advertising money to cash in on the publicity value — after all, an event like this comes along only once in four years (okay, three in this case). But the net result is that enormous expectation is being built up within this country. In the prevailing climate, nothing will do for the public short of winning the tournament. Realistically, this team would have done wonderfully well if it gets into the semifinals — but after all this hype, even that kind of a performance is not going to be enough.

Answer here.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.




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