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Two Questions, fashion and Bollywood May 13, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, movies, weird.

Question 1

With permission from Tyler Cowen, what is special about this piece of writing. ( either really easy given how I framed the question or too damn hard ) :

What about supply and purchasing? In my location — you can just call this city “Dar” — many Arabs add to urban culinary options. Spicy Sichuan food is also around, and Indian food is common. Why not? D falls downward to a rightward slant. Spicy food in Dar costs not so much. Transport of a spicy stuff or two costs virtually nothing. Call it proximity, or is “spatial” a good word too? “Marginal cost” also has not this bad sign, which again I must avoid in this blog post. So, marginal cost is low for this spicy stuff. Now, S can fly rightwards in an upward slant, almost flat, but low low low.

Answer here or even better HERE. There is a word for stuff like this.


Question 2

On whats special about the words – scraughed, scrinched, scritched, scrooched, sprainged, spreathed, throughed ? Answer here.


I don’t get fashion either

Once every while you come across an article you read in a newspaper that reads like you wrote it ! And once in a while I also come across an angry/disgruntled columnist writing about his/her disagreement with any subject/person. This time around, both these conditions are true of the same article.


How times change

From a book on Bollywood.

The book recalls how Dhundiraj Govind Phalke, popularly known as Dadasaheb Phalke,the pioneer of Indian cinema had to struggle to find women actors for his first film and how even prostitutes he approached refused. The breakthrough came when Phalke discovered a young man by the name of Salunkhe, working as a cook in a restaurant who was to achieve an extraordinary feat of playing both male and female leads-Lord Rama and Sita in his movie. Salunkhe joined Phalke for a princely sum of Rs15 per month. Phalke was to make him India’s first super star, the book says.

An example of how in a matter of decades things change and cultural taboos fall by the wayside.


I was walking around in the local library today when it struck me that at least some of the books in the “religion” sub-section should be moved out of the non-fiction area to the fiction area 😉 Meanwhile, over to some exchanges last week on this ‘religion/god stuff’ over at Aswin’s blog.



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