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The “First Thought Right” way, modeling life. May 13, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in contemplation, weird.

Thought will cross-post from here.

When people talk of science taking on religion and vice versa, they are talking of two ways of approaching life’s problems. They are 2 different ways, so different that they often give completely contradictory descriptions and prescriptions. One of them is always verifiable as either right or wrong. The other cannot be verified as certainly wrong, but often can be verified as deviating from practical experience.

Let me now invent a 3rd way of thinking which says – “The answer to any question is the first hypothesis you think of”. This does not rely on any book – holy or unholy. It gives all the power to the man himself – the first ever possibility you think of is correct. Period.

I call this third way as FTR (First thought Rightism). You will dismiss me as a quack, get me driven out of my house and maybe have me killed. However, I ( or rather my handful of FTR ‘disciples’) then manage ( by preaching/war/deceitful PR campaigns etc. ) over a few 100 years to attract 10 million people to agree to this FTRism by claiming that afterall it goes give ‘answers’ to questions like : Who am I? What happens after death? What’s the purpose of it all? etc.

Infact, the way FTRism works it gives an answer to any question you ask ! When you point out that it does not explain electromagnetism FTR followers tell you that its not fair to compare science/religion/FTRism. They are 3 different ways of looking at life and that each have a role to play and are not at loggerheads.

Will you buy this ? Will you buy this even if you are told that on a yet undiscovered densely populated island in the Southern Pacific, there are 200 million FTRs ? Will you buy this if the number of FTRs increased to 1 billion in the next century ?

On a related note, somebody here is asking the question I have always wanted to.



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