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Curtains no more May 12, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging, CMU.

Although its very tempting to insist that I had been away to give a chance to those hapless readers ( Vineeta Rao, for example) who admittedly found it hard (as per their admissions) to keep pace with the postings here, such temptations shall be ( and as you see, have been ) resisted. I won’t even insist that I had been busy wrapping up the last official semester of my current program here at Carnegie Mellon. Which I was, in spite of my vow/brag ( as per the previous sentence) to not tell you about it.

And now a certain silence prevails as I try to collect my thoughts as to how its been, these 2 years. Given that I have only just finished, I would venture to just say that its been an exciting, rich and mind-altering, albeit an exhausting 2 years. Of course, when I was asked recently about how it felt I didn’t exactly chose those words. I thought one must wait a few days, maybe months, even years maybe to really make pronouncements on one’s own present, during which one might successfully exploit the benefit of hindsight ( and the concomitant bias 🙂 ) and additional perspective that the past provides.

Almost an year to the day and having completely the 2nd semester, I promised to be ‘more prolific’ in my postings, a promise I have kept. I shall make no promises this time though. 🙂 Afterall, the only joy that is greater than what comes out of keeping a promise is that which comes out of more than keeping it.

Except that, that kind of joy is generally elusive.


Apparently Nobel Laureate Rudiger Dornbusch who taught economics at MIT had the “habit of writing down graphs without labeling the axes”. (In order to quell criticisms of comparisons with a Nobel Laureate,) I thought I would do that with just one of the axes. 😀 With the label on the y-axis considered self-evident, this blog appears headed into intensive care.



1. Aswin - May 12, 2007

I hope ‘wrapping up ur last official semester’ means that you Graduated ? If so , hearty Congratulations ! 🙂

Decided on what next yet ?

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