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Complicated, (yet) amusing solutions to life’s problems April 27, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, technology, weird.

…even when simple ( and boring ) solutions exist.

Dance based authorization system : If you want to log in to your machine, no usernames/passwords/biometrics and such. You have to face an in-built camera on your computer and perform a certain dance. If the dance roughly matches your previously saved dance ( call it passdance ), then you are through. That way you don’t have to hide anything. Every day at work, you will see your colleagues ( they will see you ) getting off their seats to dance every once a while. ( especially they have a pass-dance protected windows machine ). Everyone has a good laugh and it also improves work environment and helps employees bond and in the long run increase employee productivity. This can also be extending to cars, so that people don’t clog Google searching for their car keys. 

Today’s computer vision technology is nowhere near making it possible. But if and when it can, there should be a startup somewhere with the corporate motto – “Lets make life complicated, yet amusing” – and taking on established, but boring companies.

Ofcourse, over time you get used to people dancing all over the place and the amusement is lost. But that not deter the pursuit of amusement in the first place.  Other suggestions to make life “complicated, yet amusing” are welcome.



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