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Bright woman, Bright man April 26, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in economics, littlerockers, science.

Susan Athey, Congratulations for this. This was great, prophetic indeed.

It’s certainly a long way from sixth grade in Rockville, Md., where being smart was a form of social curse. In that year, a boy she liked snatched her math book and wrote on the back of it: “You’re cute. Too bad you’re a brain.”

On average, it has taken about 23 years for Clark medal award winners to take home the Nobel ( if they did, which they did very often ). So betting on Susan for Nobel 2034 !


Keep an eye out for this blog :

I attended a very interesting lecture two days ago, a lecture that has since spiraled me down/up a road of Evolutionary theory, Atheism and Materialism. The last two days have been fueled by a burning curiosity towards the origins of life, and have left me, quite frankly – spellbound. I have decided to dedicate the next few posts to this current, fascinating phase of mine, and I hope that this passes on to you as well.

By newly(??) bright, I mean newly bright. Because Aswin ( or lets say Mr. D’Souza 😀 ), schoolmate of 10+ years has been bright anyway – music/computer science/painting/language/math. Now, may the new avatar flourish !



1. Aswin - April 27, 2007

Hey, thanks for the publicity to my site, it will make procrastination on my blog less likely this way ! 🙂

2. Deepak Krishnan - April 29, 2007

i first thought susan was ur aunt. i read Athey as atthey (dad’s sister).. 😀

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