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Assorted links April 26, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in assorted, india.

Over and above the sadness, the tragic realities of the Virginia Tech massacre, here is an article that argues that there is another hard, sad reality – thats its almost impossible to foresee them.

Barely staying on the topic, here is a response from VTech professor to Dilip D’Souza’s Dinesh DSouza’s article that tastelessly used the shooting incident to launch an attack atheists and atheism.

Errata : The author of the above article is Dinesh D’Souza and NOT Dilip D’Souza. Thanks to Dilip D’Souza for the correction. ( comments section )


Pratap Mehta takes on the IIM managements and does a good job of exposing them as well.

India looks to its best institutions not just to build a reputation by selecting a few out of hundreds of thousands of students. It looks to them to provide leadership to society, to extend the boundaries of the possible, and to enlarge our ambitions. But we cannot imagine institutions of higher education being able to do this, if they cannot stand up to governments on behalf of what is right and legal. The IIM Ahmedabad website proudly makes two claims. First, that the empowerment of faculty has been the propelling force behind the institution. But there is very little evidence of faculty governance in decisions like this. Second, that the institution combines the best of eastern and western values. I wondered what this referred to. After all it was one of the virtues of the Indian tradition that even kshatriyas used to keep their arms outside before entering the gurukula.

These institutions are supposed to produce the leaders. So after all, terms like “out of the box”, “initiative”, “moral leadership” merely rule the entrepreneurship/leadership/ethics courses they teach. Only if they could lead by example.


Abhinav talks about atlas – I have a fetish for maps. I don’t mind waiting at Subway stations/bus stations/airports as long as there is a map ( (drawn to scale helps ) I can keep looking at. Maps with annotations such as sea routes, time differences, rivers marked with names don’t hurt at all.


Came across this chap on Indian Idol, something I have never followe. Just too good a performance, not to mention the song itself.

Update : And here is the original.


Pittsburgh is back to being America’s most livable city. ( ranks 1 overall, but 135th among 379 areas surveyed in terms of climate). Boston is 9th overall. Quite frankly it does not change my assessment of how much I like ( which I certainly do) or dislike the place – but yeah, even if the rankings are wrong by an order of magnitude, its unlikely to be in the bottom 10%.


Some story this. Another side of the story.



1. Dilip D'Souza - April 26, 2007

Appreciate it, but it wasn’t me who wrote that article attacking atheism that the VTech professor responded to.

Thank you.

They call me Dilip.

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