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“Do Law” April 22, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in general, littlerockers.

A junior of mine from high school – Gopalkrishnan – writes in response to a thread on our high school Orkut community that I started long ago. The thread is about stuff I have blogged here about – the rather narrow set of options ( med/eng/dental) that rule the minds of the mid-teenagers of the great Indian middle-class. Gopal, who is a law student writes :

man i really think more people shld be doin law….Im in the National Law University, Jodhpur….i no fr a fact that exposure to this field is virtually non-existent..n of corse the notion that all lawyers are crooked!!! well… a small briefing….there are around 8 national law schools in India..they are the equivalent to the IITs..this is one field that is growing by leaps and bounds…n hopefully all these universities will be named IILs pretty soon…..small correction to what azhar said….millo dinsung is in NLS, bangalore..pretty much the best college in the country…there are various law firms like Clifford Chance….Richard Butler…amrachand mangaldas…Rhodes Scholars..recognition..its not only abt wearing the black coat..its abt being there as a manager..this course teaches one to diversify..all that hogwash abt lawyers gettin to fight cases only in courts, its all cliched….a lawyer can spend his entire life without ever knowing how a courtromm looks like…thanks sharath for starting this thread…all those orators, concerned nagariks, would be politicians, n even those who wanna make a buck…DO LAW!!!!!!!!!!!! n yeah if im nt wrong sandhya from the 2000 batch has done law too..so that makes it 4 to the best of my knowledge..

That bold faced part there, I did not know about it until perhaps 5 years ago. My view of a lawyer’s daily job was courtesy – [HB]ollywood. Learning indeed is easier than unlearning, you at least know what you must learn – textbooks at the least.

Random link. A textbook on the relation/interplay of law and economics in society.



1. gopal - May 4, 2007

hey..sharath…shld i sue u for unauthorised usage of my quote??..just kidding..thanx neway fr this..hope it helps in any little way to popularise the field….n yeah apologies for not raising my hand too when i was in the audience during that guest lecture of yrs two years back…that girl who did riase her hand is currently doin jewellery design in manipal..

2. Sharath Rao - May 13, 2007

Good to know man – ur batch has been somewhat of a trend-setter is it ? more will follow suit in future batches …i guess its a part of a larger trend …..

3. Counterfactualism « Epistles - August 31, 2007

[…] That last retort is interesting. See my previous post : Do Law. […]

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