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Assorted items April 12, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, assorted, economics, india, life.

There has been some talk about this issue for a while. In spite of all the good that it does to those have been beneficiaries of it, that it goes against the original intent of the program appears to be both true and not surprising. After all, aren’t laws followed to the maximum permissible deviation from them ?

Again, I think this writer gets the numbers wrong, but the spirit of what he says I think is not entirely incorrect.


I like book ends and their ability to support themselves. Is it possible to make a book so big that it cannot support itself given that the book end itself is large enough.


Cynicism of the day, we all need a small dose I guess 🙂 :

I’ve often wondered whether the difference between mankind and animals is not so much the ability to reason as it is the ability to rationalize

Thats from Milton Friedman. One of my favorite activities in the past year has been to point out to myself ( and sometimes to others ) whether a certain line of thought is reasoning or rationalizing.


So much today to think about – now about reverse sweep in cricket. This is attributed to Ian Chappel.

If the bowler has to mark his guard and announce to the umpire and thus to the batsman whether he is bowling right arm or left arm, over the wicket or around the wicket, how can the batsman change his grip or the position of his feet without announcing it to the bowler, who has set the field for his natural position?

Link from here.



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