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Notes to all grandparents April 8, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, life.

I wonder what if our grandparents maintained blogs or journals about how it was like to bring up their kids – what treasure troves they would be – funny stories about what our parents, uncles and aunts did that their kids can use as fodder in arguing their stands. Each time you are told that the ‘younger generation’ is totally screwed, you can bring up some entry from your grandparents’ diaries where they must have written about how they feel that their younger generation ( that of your parents ) has no values and its going to be bad days for everybody. But afterall thats now how it turned about.

Thats the arrangement I foresee – the day a kid turns 13, he/she gets a copy of the journal their grandparents maintained where they wrote about all this stuff. Ofcourse, your parents will make something available to your kids too and you to your grandkids.

or imagine this conversation :

“No, you are too young for me to let you drive my bike”

“But dad ! I heard that on July 3, 1983, following a lengthy altercation with your father over dinner where you ate fried onion pancakes, rice and lentil soup, you managed to convince him to allow you drive his bike 20 days before you turned 16. And I am already 17 ! You also complained that the onions in the pancakes were too fried and the lentil soup was too thick.”

“What nonsense, thats not true. Says who ?”

“Thats what the page 17 of the journal says.”

“Oh I see. Okay, you win. Go on, but remember that 30 years from now your son will use this conversation as an excuse to get his way.”

Yeah, as if life in general and bringing up kids in particular wasn’t hard already. So sorry, but I am just trying to ‘level the playing field’. Its unfair that your elders know so much about your childhood, but you know nothing about theirs. 😀

By the way, is part of bringing up kids lies is forestalling their attempts to bring themselves up too soon ?



1. Aswin - April 9, 2007

heh.. I was thinking on similar terms some time ago… about how most of our (indian) parents lives up until the 1980’s has been Black and white, literally, because of the lack of color cameras/videos etc.. and how little we know about life in those ages visually. and how you have no idea how ur dad/mom sounded as kids or in their early 20’s. Your earliest memory of them is perhaps when they were in their early 30’s.

.. and then I went on to think about what a treasure trove of information the next generation will have about us, of our lives in the 20th century and the 21st .. hi-def color videos, 10 mega pix color images, online diaries ! Of course by then I presume there should be some sort of 3-D video imagery going on and they will say ‘you guys only had 2-D? ‘ … but still, eventually there will come a time when a child can compare each and every single day of his life to the one his parents have lived at that age of their lives.

Fascinating !

2. manjunath - April 9, 2007

Hey sharath,

It wud be interesting to see what wud be the reaction of future kids when they visit their paresnts orkut profile, and read the testimonial and scraps…. (provided ppl are not going to retain their profiels in present form )….

3. Sharath Rao - April 9, 2007

@aswin : you probably heard of the Microsoft lifebits project pioneered by gordon bell…. and yeah with explosion of cheap media, even the reverse is true….parents now have pictures of their kids – 1st day, 2nd day, 5th day etc. first time eating/walking blah..blah something we don’t have of ourselves….that the future generation will have a good record of ….

@manjunath – orkut yeah …i have hardly deleted any scraps since i joined i guess….so there is already so much information … 🙂

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