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Assorted links today April 3, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, assorted, humor, image, KREC, life, science.

On that nearly barbaric, uncivilized phenomenon called ragging.

I isolated myself from all ragging at KREC ( thankfully I had a choice, because I lived closeby ). I never got ragged and never ragged anyone, simply because I hated coercion of all kinds and I presumed most reasonable people would feel that way.

But to some of KREC batchmates who were involved, 4 years after college, do you still stand by your world-view ? Do you still refuse to understand what a free-society means and that personal liberties are sacrosanct ? At least after traveling the world and living in the liberal western democracies as many of you have/are ? Or do you have still have that self-serving rationalizations about how its good for ‘them’. And if so, the racist prejudices you might face outside India – are they not good for you ? Aren’t they supposed to help you face the world and be stronger ?


On being busy.


After Friedman’s permanent income hypothesis, here is the permanent happiness level hypothesis.

An experimental psychologist investigating the possibility of lasting happiness, Lyubomirsky understands far better than most of us the folly of pinning our hopes on a new car–or on any good fortune that comes our way. We tend to adapt, quickly returning to our usual level of happiness. The classic example of such “hedonic adaptation” comes from a 1970s study of lottery winners, who a year after their windfall ended up no happier than nonwinners. Hedonic adaptation helps to explain why even changes in major life circumstances–such as income, marriage, physical health and where we live–do so little to boost our overall happiness. Not only that, but studies of twins and adoptees have shown that about 50 percent of each person’s happiness is determined from birth. This “genetic set point” alone makes the happiness glass look half empty, because any upward swing in happiness seems doomed to fall back to near your baseline.

This has been true at least in my case. In general, I don’t know, but I am given to think its largely true.


Some real creativity here. Simplicity too. They often go together, don’t they. My favorite.

Linked from here.



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