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NYTimes weekend roundup March 31, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, humor, life.

An interesting Q&A series with Douglas Hofstadter. He makes a few profound statements like

Many people believe that our lives end not when we die but when the very last person who knew us dies.

which is, in some poetic and unreasonable sense true. 🙂

…then catch a funny exchange in the end.

Q. What does a computer lack that a person has?
A. It has no concepts.

Q. I know some people who have no concepts.
A. They do have concepts. People are filled to the brim with concepts. You don’t have to know what a concept is in order to have one.

That italicized question is so school boyish. Actually that particular series in the Times is all about asking rather incisive questions. Here is an interview with the interviewer itself, Deborah Solomon. Very interesting.

Have you ever had hostile feelings toward the person you’re interviewing?

All the time. Most of the people in the world are pretty irritating, and I think it’s important to call them on it.


You are convicted of stealing antiques from Iraq and standing trial. During your court hearing, a friend of your brother’s roommate is invited by your brother’s roommate who was probably invited by your brother who may or may not be invited by you. You meet her, fall in love and get married.

Neh, I am not good at making up stuff. Thats from here.

And other weird unrelated stories people have.



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