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In the name of cricket March 29, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, india, sport.

Question : What is being talked about ?

…fly out; force out, with fielder tagging the base while holding the ball in advance of the runner; holding the ball and tagging the runner; a strikeout (looking or swinging); on a swinging third strike, a dropped ball is thrown to first base and bag is tagged; a foul ball on a two-strike bunt; the infield fly rule; a double play; a triple play; one runner passing another runner on the base path; running outside of the base path; interference with the ball while in the base path; the runner is picked off by the pitcher; the runner is cut down by the catcher while trying to steal; a caught foul tip with two strikes; the appeal play.

Not that I knew the answer, although its an easy guess – those are 12 of the more than 12 ways a batsman ( striker ) can get out in baseball. And thats quoting a letter from a NYTimes reader in reply to Shashi Tharoor’s ill-advised article.

Following Mr. Tharoor’ s columns in “The Hindu”, it appears to me that he writes with a sense of entitlement – lecturing the Americans about India and the Indians about his homestate Kerala. And this time in an article in the NYTimes Shashi Tharoor goes about making allegations against an entire nation because they don’t like cricket ! I was trying to see what parts of the article I must quote, but again, I think if I quote something, you may not read the whole article 🙂 . It initially comes off as light-hearted, but as you progress through the article, his ‘attacks’ get more and more vicious. The reactions from the readers then are only obvious.

To know what it means, just imagine a German diplomat in New Delhi writing an article in the Indian Express that goes :

“Football is the king among all sport, played by more nations than any other sport and certainly cricket. Indians prefer slower games like cricket to faster games like football because they are lethargic, malnourished and least productive among the great peoples of the world. Hence, the world is not at all poorer for India’s not playing football.”

a) How many major national dailies will carry such an article ? and b) How long would it take for a bunch of Indians who have nothing better to do, to be on the street burning the diplomat’s effigies and the German flag, stoning her/his car and calling for a boycott of German products ?

Not at all necessary Mr. Tharoor, leave the the Americans alone – the nation has its shown share of sport obsession and headaches, while we have our own.


I was telling my colleague Sanjika yesterday that the problem with having Tendulkar in the team is that others ( and their fathers ) who are doing not so good, but (doing) better than Sachin get to assert their right to stay on in the team on the grounds that they are doing better than Sachin. And today I read this.



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