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My 1 year old Uncle Mankiw March 27, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging, economics, humor.

The scant few readers here know about Mankiw Chacha. References to Mankiw Chacha on this blog are accompanied by a long suffix – “my very Indian way of referring to one of my favorite bloggers“. And he is celebrating 1 year of blogging !! Congratulations Prof. Gregory N. Mankiw alias Mankiw N.G alias ManQ.

Although over the year I have ventured into reading several economics blogs, Mankiw Chacha’s blog started it all. I even wrote to him about how big a part his blog was of my online existence whose distinction from that off line has somehow blurred over the past year. And yeah, he wrote back graciously.

Unfortunately, I am struggling to remember how I first landed there, on what exact day last year. Just like how I am struggling to remember how I came up with the term Mankiw Chacha in the first place. I looked up this article about the more famous Chacha in the Indian context.

Chacha Chaudhary is a middle class Indian, frail but extremely intelligent old man. The word chacha means ‘uncle’ in Hindi. He always wears his red turban, which is his trademark and holds a stick in hand. His company includes his wife Bini (Chachi), a faithful street dog called Rocket and a giant called Sabu. Sabu is an alien from the planet Jupiter and provides the physical strength in time of need. Sabu decided to stay at Earth with Chacha Chaudhary when he tasted delicious paratha made by Chachi ( Chacha’s wife) during his visit to earth.

Chacha Chaudhary is remarkably different from other comic-book superheroes in that he is not a muscleman, nor does he have extraordinary powers. Instead, he uses his shrewd brain and presence-of-mind to fight off evil robbers and thieves. His brain works faster than a computer, state the comic books. Again, unlike his western counterparts, Chacha Chaudhary does not have state of-the-art machine guns or modern technological gadgets to fight his enemies. All he possesses is a wooden stick with which he fights evil-doers.

Most of the second para at least must be true of Mankiw Chacha 😀



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