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The SFO Summary March 26, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, humor, image, KREC.

Week away from Pittsburgh has been a week away from high-speed internet access. It has not been all that bad really, except a whole lot of work that had to be done either with poor wireless access or dialup. 3 days at the GALE meeting later, I found myself in Sunnyvale for the next 3 days with my aunt and family. Thats the first time I have visited any relative of mine in over 2.5 years I have spent here, that itself counts for something 🙂 .

Spending time with a family in the US is very different from visiting friends or having friends visiting over because there is a huge difference between a bachelor’s life and that of a family – starting from the neighborhoods they live in, issues of concern, aspects of cultural shock, topics of conversation etc. I had the feel of this when I visited my Little Rock teacher in Chicago in December last; so this stay was another such dose. ( and came with big helping of Konkani food ( Is Tendle Talaasan the best thing I ever ate 😀 ) ).

Or maybe the change is within me, that as I get older I am more sensitive to these concerns and hence observe and appreciate this as I observe families through the prism of responsibility juggling, resource sharing and the trade offs therein that the economist in my doesn’t fail to make note of. [ More here. ]


With Tanuja, her husband Rajesh ( a 1985 KREC grad ) and the twins – Ashutosh and Aishwarya, Golden Gate, March 23, 2007

San Francisco ( SFO) itself is like being in another country – the wider streets, newer houses, no high rise apartments, a more desert-like vegetation in parts and then of course, the sun. SFO downtown is beautiful – the most beautiful topology for any city I have ever seen in this country. ( You dont want to own a bicycle here ). Sunnyvale sits about in the middle of Silicon Valley- that stretch of land between San Jose and San Francisco. I am amazed at just how similar it seems to Bangalore, a city, I must admit, I am not so fond of. Meanwhile, catch the little stretch of I-280 driving into SFO from Sunnyvale which Wikipedia says is the “most beautiful freeway” in the world. Well, at least its the best I have ever seen.

Also caught up with Vaibhav Jain, KREC roommate and his wife Preeti, who stays closeby.


And to put that in perspective, here is our previous picture together – May 18, 2003 – in the KREC hostels.


Just to illustrate how kids are rightly unafraid to communicate ‘difficult thoughts’, will leave you with this little thing my 10 year old cousin Aishwarya ( remember one of my previous post about babynames ) said when I pointed towards a house and asked her if that was an Indian shop/store 😀

You know what Sharathanna, what you said now, I think that was kinda silly. He..he..he…

Another kid elsewhere.

With a million things to catch up back here, posting will continue to be light through the rest of week. 😦



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