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Sadness in San Francisco March 21, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in CMU, india, politics, sport.

…and therein lies the irony.

San Francisco, pretty much the heart of Silicon Valley, the place that is the home to much and most of technology that touches our lives – Microprocessors, Yahoo and Google – to name but few. I got here 24 hours ago in connection with the DARPA project meeting ( like the kind I attended in Oct 2006 at NYC ) and will be here for another 5 days. And unless something life-changing happens in these 5 days (the probability of which is not necessarily more than any other 5 days anywhere), the memory I am going to take away from here, with some exaggeration, will be that thing called “awful internet access”. And this in a hotel that charges over $150 per day.


Actually, its not all bad and I have a sense of perspective 🙂 .  Located on the bayside and overlooking one of the runways of the 21st most busiest airport in the world which itself has a line of hills overlooking it,  the room has a view that is more of a treat.

For above and many reasons, blogging will be light over the next week or so.

Update 1 : Meanwhile at the other side of the world, some continue to buy somebody’s disingenuous, deliberate, untruth.
Update 2 : And somebody else has some sense of humor :

Before the game we said ‘Let’s make history today.’ Well, we made history.”
Luke van Troost, the Dutch captain, manages to keep a sense of perspective after Herschelle Gibbs’s six-hitting record



1. ravi - March 23, 2007

you must try http://www.dekoh.com... Will help you to work with intermittent connections!! The addiction sticks, wherz today’s post man!!

2. raosharath - March 26, 2007

sorry man, just got back now 😀

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