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What now ? March 17, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in sport.

At the point of writing this post :Bangladesh, baring a miracle, cruising to a victory. Ireland might just scrape through, though unlikely. Will the joy of 150 million prevail over the combined grief of a 1.3 billion people ? 😉

We live in truly exciting times.

Update : Okay, great day for cricket. With a Do-or-Die staring at them when they meet Sri Lanka and a victory over Sri Lanka complicating Sri Lanka’s chances too (assuming both India and B’desh beat Bermuda ), Sri Lanka is going to be tough to beat.

Just imagine how cool it would be to have Indian and Pakistani crickets renting a yatch in mid-Atlantic  ( sure safer than Karachi/Bombay airports ) and watching the rest of matches and return only when it all cools down.



1. Ashwini - March 18, 2007

The 3-pitched blow-horn which I bought especially to root for India wasn’t used much yesterday [to my mom’s great relief] 😦
maybe, not letting the wives attend wasn’t a good decision after all

2. raosharath - March 18, 2007

🙂 …how do we know what wud have happened then …..what wud stop you from saying “letting the wives in was the problem” 😀 …

3. Prakash Rao - March 21, 2007

Maybe the wives would have done a better job than what their husbands did against bangaladesh 🙂

4. raosharath - March 22, 2007

…and not to forget boycott’s granny…

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