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Catching up March 17, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in general, technology, weird.

Its been so long since I last blogged that I am almost feeling older for it. Then I know its been just 3 days really.

I finally had to resort to the universal solution to all problems plaguing a Windows machine – reload the operating system. Other than the obvious painful 1.5 hour long process, its really a thrilling feeling. ( Okay, I am an idiot, but MS has not paid me to write this, so read on anyway.) I mean who doesn’t like a sense of a new beginning – a virgin computer, if such a thing ever exits. But its going to be abused all over again, 15 hours a day slogging towards questionable ends.

Aah, thats the other thing. For about 11 minutes the evening before last, I realize that I had the universal question to all of life’s answers – “What the point ?”. Yes, whats the point of it all – anything – working, vacationing, marriage, hatred, love, technology and damn – even economics 😉 ? ( Note : “You work so that you vacation and vacation so that you can get back to work” won’t do ). Yeah, I know, I was merely reinventing ( rediscovering ??) the wheel radioactivity. 😀 Its a question we all have some of the times, and so did almost every man who ever was. Animals too maybe. No, the question doesn’t bother now and I dont think about it anymore. What’s the point !

By the way, I would love to write a long post about it, but to make a long post short – I returned to the Google world, I am liking it.



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