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Back with a redeemed laptop reloaded with an operating system which in this case happens to be WinXP Home edition that I am told is slower than the professional edition even as I try to see the longest post title I can have without using the backspace key while still making sense enough to be readable to a handful of blogreaders who might be using their office/home/leisure time to catch up with some random stuff on this blog that was created on Feb 25th, 2006 which makes it a little more than 1 year as of today which happens to be March 17th, 2007, a day that also reminds me of something silly that happened 13 years ago in Brahmavar which happens to be where my school is located. March 17, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, weird.

I am sorry, that just happened midway through writing the title for this post. I gave up because I started to experience fatigue 😦

WordPress, I lose. What is the maximum number of words in a post-title anyway ?



1. Achala - March 17, 2007

Good to have you back. And there goes my free time… :p

This must be the first instance ever where the title is longer than the post. 😀

2. raosharath - March 18, 2007

my pleasure :p i wont apologize for eating into ur free time

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