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Zara hole hole NA chalo more saajana…. March 13, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in CMU, humor, life.

hum to aage hain tumhare !!

I have almost been into depression for the last two days, hence no posts.

My laptop has gone slow for the past 40 hours or so and I cant figure out why. And suddenly everything is bothering – in the gap between typing something and having it appear on your screen, you can hear things that you never did before – someone’s birthday party in the building, it bothers ; you see things you never did see before – a 3 litre huge orange bottle of TIDE  – liquid washing detergent is sitting right at the entrance probably for the last week, why did I not see it before. Life is richer and poorer all the same 😦 🙂 😦

You make a mistake and then press backspace – the cursor deletes more than you think it should ! Furious, you type faster only to realize that some letter you think never made it to the screen actually made it twice.  You scroll down more than you should because you think you have scrolled less than you should have.

Yes, as the Murphy’s law would have it, the only thing that works perfect is the PUTTY terminal which I use to login to the university network to work !  Consequently, the act of switching browser tabs to blog or catch an occasional news item/video has never been more guilt-ridden or ……s..l..o….w….e…r.

Alas, as a false hope and as I said in an earlier post ( searching whose link will take 2 minutes at this pace), several problems just need a good night’s sleep. I hope that applies to my machine as well.



1. Abhinav - March 16, 2007

Sad to hear that!

I was facing similar problem with my laptop 2 days ago…And I had to get a position paper done so I really needed it to work.

I uninstalled Bit torrent and the works …Ran a virus scan ..using 3 different Antiviruses! Deleted all spyware..Fragmented the hard disk..Ran a disk cleanup..freed up some ram. Thankfully, things improved. And today I sit here writing a comment on yout blog. Haha..

Wish you all the luck with your laptop! Get someone to look into it..


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