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“No minister”, Indianness etc. March 11, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in image, india, politics, sport.

Few years ago – in  Jan 2005 – Sandeep Shetty, my littlerocker friend sent me this funny article on what it means to be an Indian – “We are like this only“. Long, long article, but worth a read. Captures it all, although there is now some psychoanalytic perspective on this.

For all those doubt that there is such a thing as free press in India, watch this video. Imagine doing this in your favorite Middle-eastern country or military/communist/right-wing dictatorship. Link via Gaurav.

Width of the Panama Canal – just this much.  !!

Hindustan times has changed their format, online atleast. It will take a while to change, but looks much much better. [ Last summer, the Indian Express changed theirs, actually they are coming to resemble the NYTimes page ]

Why Inzamam is one of my favorite cricketers – it is not really a joy to watch him bat, but taking questions from media and/or former cricketers.

With Pakistan answering the hackneyed query about missing the pacers with a superlative show on field, all that Inzamam needed to do was repeat those usual lines that are regularly repeated by mimics posing as the burly batsman. He praised his team by saying “ladke mehnat kar rahe hain”, thanked Allah that “sare batsmen runs kar rahe hain aur bowlers wicket le rahe hain” and finally about his form he said that the “ball balle pe lag rahi hai”.

Cricket is a gentleman’s game with umpires almost dressed as if for an evening ball and players  with their trousers on waiting for the ball to hit ( or come on to ) the bat rather than the other way around. Some laziness 😀 .



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