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The “Where your taxes go” series March 10, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, india, politics.

from Amit Varma. ( I will come to that later )

Meanwhile on the topic from my previous post:

Swapan Dasgupta who has been a favorite ( and since somewhat forgotten ( by myself) ) columnist from my high school days and his India Today days rips apart the Indian political class :

Take the presentation of the Union Budget as an example. Those who have been monitoring the speeches of successive Finance Ministers may have noticed an odd ritual: The mandatory thumping of desks in the Treasury benches whenever the Minister announced an increase in the allotment for either a Ministry or a so-called development scheme. The intensity of the approval is invariably linked to the quantum of budgetary increase. Curiously, this ritual is not party or ideology specific. During the NDA years the champions of the Right behaved in exactly the same way as Congress MPs 10 days ago.

The criticism of the profligate Rs 18,000 crore National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) is, therefore, not that the state is incapable of alleviating rural poverty effectively but that more money hasn’t been allotted to digging more useless holes and building more mud roads which will be washed away during the monsoons.

On a slightly paranoid note, one thing about earning no income in India and my meager income here not taxed in India is that it doesn’t find itself in expenditure like the NREG. In fact, Amit Varma maintains an excellent series called “Where your taxes go“. [ I am surprised that he has managed only 17 items since July 2006 πŸ™‚ . ] Oh yeah, think now of that collective guilt of American millionaires ( there are more than 7 million of them ) whose taxes ( in millions ) go into meaningless misadventures abroad.

Update : Here is a recommendation that says we need a new Ministry of Implementation. Last thing, I would say.



1. Abhinav - March 11, 2007

Budgetry woes. Milk the middle class cow till she bleeds!

Anyways, Indian parliament sessions are such a hoot to watch. Love the thumping of desks, the walkouts, the chit chat, the booing of the opposition. And especially when the speaker of the house goes: “Shaant ho jaaiye. Aap log shaant ho jaaiye!”. Before he too walks out of the parliament with his turbaned sentries. Then, like remorseful kids, the enlightened MP folk quieten down. Sometimes not. Violence ensues:)

p.s.- glad to see the home tab back!

2. raosharath - March 11, 2007

I agree that it might be fun.

It is less so when you realize that you are paying for it. 😦

Makes it the most expensive form of entertainment πŸ˜€

3. Abhinav - March 11, 2007


20,000 Rs for every min! Point to note: Thats the exact sum you have spent on charitable causes! And these fools waste it in a min! Atrocious. And its not really entertaining as well.

Plus this was so shocking:

β€œTo run Rajya Sabha, it costs the government Rs 100 crore per year. The average no.of days that Rajya Sabha sits is 85, so it’s Rs one crore a day,” says Bajaj.

Adjournments aside, the Parliamentarians have taken the definition of vacation to another level. So while the entire country gets back to work on on Monday after the Holi weekend and festivities, MPs want one more day off.

What the hell? 1 crore per day! And that’s just Rajya Sabha. I wonder how expensive it is for Lok Sabha. Do they order refreshments from Taj or something?Fools.

Thank you for the link. Still reeling from the revelation.

4. Prakash Rao - March 11, 2007

Isnt Swapan Dasgupta a rajya sabha MP …I used to see so much of him on TV ..

5. raosharath - March 11, 2007

I didnt know Prakash..i looked you ..maybe u talking abt this guy

chandan and swapan ( and shashi tharoor ) are high school buddies πŸ˜‰

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