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World Cup Astrologers’ challenge March 8, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in india, rant, sport.

Here is announcing the  The <Sponsor’s name> World Cup Cricket 2007 Astrologers’ challenge. ( Leave a comment if you are a corporate and want free sponsorship.  ) 

In about 2 months from now, the World Cup cricket will be won. And whichever team wins, the newspapers will carry headlines about how a certain astrologer/tarrot card reader/palmist had predicted exactly that. “I told so ! that team X would win because the captain’s planetary motions suggested this unambiguously. ”

Think about it – why do we always hear about future predictions when they have become a story of the past ? This gives a chance to all those rationalists to point fingers at astrology and call it bunk. Let us therefore try to redeem the age old ‘science’ and keep this multi-million dollar industry alive.

Herewith calling all astrologers to make their predictions public. Predit before the World Cup starts, the winners of and in addition the runners up, the other two semi-finalists, highest scorer in the final, highest wicket taker and team that will bat first in the final.

Links : Previous post on astrologers. A prediction made ahead of 2003 final – here

Update : Individual sponsors also welcome. First commenter to this post gets the first offer. 🙂



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