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Random things today March 8, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in contemplation, humor, india, movies, politics.

Consider this account of this author’s meeting with Rajiv Gandhi.

Rajiv seemed to like that idea too, and said he tried to follow a maxim of Indira Gandhi’s that every policy should be seen in terms of how it affected the common man. I wryly said the common man often spent away his money on alcohol, to which he said at once it might be better to think of the common woman instead. 

Without taking ideological positions on the international women’s day, don’t you think the Congress’ slogan of “Aaam aadmi” is a sexist expression 😉 . 


 Not so random thoughts yesterday.

….I believe that of all the problems we face, many are of the type that merely demand a break. Not to say that sleep solves problems, but when you return, it gives you a different perspective, you are forced to start thinking afresh rather than remain latched to a specific train of thought that dominated your thought process the previous night. Some demand a month’s break, others demand a week; but by far a large number of them require just a good night’s sleep. Maybe many a historical war would have been averted if the king had fallen asleep to avoid listening to the querulous queen instead of staying awake thinking about what his commander told him.

….that was last night, before I went to bed. ( not that I need a reason to sleep 🙂 )


An insightful sentence I read today :

“I think people should have a right to be stupid and, if they have that right, the market’s going to respond by supplying as much stupidity as can be sold.”

Pretty much the reason why I don’t support bans on Times of India because of their yellow journalism or such. Let us not underestimate the market for stupidity. But you will also observe that I have almost never linked to the paper and that is because I seldom visit the site.  


Mira Nair’s “The Namesake” releasing tomorrow. I haven’t ever waited for a movie before.



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