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Food for drought March 7, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in contemplation, india, rant.

Let us spend the next two hours reconciling these two pieces of recent news coming out of India.

Item 1 :

In a country where millions go to bed hungry, Rs 1 million worth of food meant as a holy offering at Orissa’s Jagannath temple was destroyed on Friday because a foreigner had entered it — an act seen as defiling the premises.

The shrine administration decided to destroy the food that was prepared for offering to the deities, temple official Laxmidhar Pujapanda said. A mud pit was dug in the premises and the holy offering was thrown in it. The priests, who had stopped rituals since Thursday afternoon, performed purification rituals on Friday, he said. The kitchen areas of the temple were washed, he said.

Item 2 :

India, the world’s second largest wheat producer, has banned all exports of the grain for the rest of the year, according to a statement posted on an official Web site. No wheat was sold overseas in 2006 as the country was forced to import the widely-used commodity for the first time in six years following a poor crop.

You can get away with almost anything on the pretext of our ‘5000 year old culture’.

And oh yeah, its the Brits who are racist, isn’t it. :/

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