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UNIX systems and Mcgrath’s record March 6, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in CMU, humor, sport.

My professor and one of the world’s authority on Speech synthesis Alan Black in class :

I have a UNIX manual from 1972 whose first page reads : “Although currently there are only 16 computers in the world that run on UNIX, we hope that number will increase.”

…and then Alan says : “Well, today there are 16 in my office alone.” and later somewhat sheepishly confesses that “ehh….actually, there are more 😉 ”

[ Previous post expressing similar sentiment ]


Prakash sends me this really interesting link to Glenn McGrath’s official ODI record. Take a look at that. My favorites :

In the World Cup, he has played 28 games and made three runs, all in the same innings, against NZ at Port Elizabeth in 2003. Shane Bond took six for 23, and Australia still won by 96 runs.

He has finished on the winning side 160 times, batting only 14 times, making 18 runs, and only being out three times. If he bats, it means Australia are in trouble; if he passes 5, they lose.

Ofcourse, some of them are generalized for humor like this one :

When Australia tie a match, he always bats, but never gets off the mark.

( How many tied matches has he played afterall ? )

Now for all those who say that you can lie and say just about anything with statistics and numbers, tell me how else you can express the role of McGrath’s batting in his team. My point is as much as statistics and numbers help you misrepresent ‘reality’ ( whatever that is supposed to be), are they any worse than words themselves ? Then why do numbers have a bad reputation vis-a-vis words ? 😦



1. Prakash Rao - March 8, 2007

My fav is “If McGrath bowled to himself, he’d never concede a run. ” ,hahaha ,probably he would bowl badly so that he can have some more runs in his kitty 🙂

2. raosharath - March 8, 2007

🙂 ..I wonder if Mcgrath himself is aware of any of this 🙂 … he mite end up
getting superstitious 🙂

3. Prakash Rao - March 8, 2007

Doesnt really matter , the worldcup is his final swan song..

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