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Worst job in the world March 4, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in india, politics.

Could there be a less honorable job than being the spokesman of the party in power ?

Congress president Sonia Gandhi is under no obligation of any kind to ‘justify or explain’ the sensitive Ottavio Quattrocchi issue, the party said. All such speculation is futile and sensational. What she says, when she says and how she says is for her to decide. But no one should assume that she is under any obligation of any kind to justify or explain the issue,” party spokesman Abhishek Singhvi said.

Defending the indefensible like post-election behavior in Jharkhand and Goa, Bihar dismissal, attempted UP dismissal, Mr. Q, loss in elections, minister convicted of murder, minister absconding, minister charged of UN scandal dismissed/forced to resign, friends like the CPM, and foes like the SP.

<>Its hard to bullshit when you know you are bullshitting, the other person knows that too, you know that the other person knows it, the other person knows that you know that you are bullshitting. You have to be a really really good lawyer or given to disingenuousness, sophistry and plain shameless. Of course, some would contend he is in the former category. I don’t think it is impossible to be in both of the above.



1. Prakash Rao - March 8, 2007

Thats why congress always gives the spokespersons job to lawyers be it abhishek singhvi,kapil sibal or ashwini kumar and BJP to Arun Jaitly and Sushma Swaraj .All lawyers thgh all not necessarily very good 🙂

2. raosharath - March 8, 2007

It used to be worse ..remember venkiah naidu 😀 .. girija vyas …ambika soni …where were inarticulate as well 😀

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