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Cricket and reading habits March 3, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in india, rant, sport.

Sadiq points me to this article here on whether Indians really love cricket from Amit Varma. Many of the arguments have been made before – “no other sources of entertainment in the 70s, 80s…etc”, “we love stars more and hence don’t follow small club matches” etc. etc. It is still worth a read, if you are able to that is.

I say this because my ability to read such long articles without explicit sub-headings is diminishing. The longer the article, the more the need to sample it before you read it through. To be fair to Amit, I know that each subheading means 20-30 less words and for a newspaper space is at a premium but understanding this fact doesn’t somehow endow me with the patience to endure a long long write-up. ( but when you the longer version of the article on your blog, you could have put them in !)

I know where this bias comes from – reading mostly short unstructured material ( blog posts ) and long structured material ( technical material ). What we read changes us in more ways than previously thought :).

P.S: And just for the record, why do people write mails ( > 5 sentences ) without paragraphs and with irrelevant subject lines like “Hi” ( for important mails ). Pity me, how am I supposed to search for that mail from the archive when all your mails have the same subject line ! ( Full-body search is slow !)



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