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Pun of the day & others February 28, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in life, science, technology.

On why “beautiful people are mean*“. Very fascinating indeed.
A related article about suggests that so much of talk about beauty is hypocrisy/denial. The least that one can take out of this article is that beauty is a source of bias, although by no means is it the only source of bias or source of just bias and nothing else.

If you ever wondered why models are supposed to cultivate dumbness and depression and then show it off on the ramp ( and maybe even elsewhere too 😉 ).

* – mean refers to average in statistical terminology.


Totally off-topic, if you have not heard of Gordon Bell’s lifebits project until now, you should :

MyLifeBits has also provided Bell with a new suite of tools for capturing his interactions with other people and machines. The system records his telephone calls and the programs playing on radio and television. When he is working at his PC, MyLifeBits automatically stores a copy of every Web page he visits and a transcript of every instant message he sends or receives. It also records the files he opens, the songs he plays and the searches he performs. The system even monitors which windows are in the foreground of his screen at any time and how much mouse and keyboard activity is going on. When Bell is on the go, MyLifeBits continually uploads his location from a portable Global Positioning System device, wirelessly transmitting the information to his archive. This geographic tracking allows the software to automatically assign locations to Bell’s photographs, based on the time each is taken.

Robert Hansom at Overcomingbias.com calls it unbiased memories – everything recorded unlike stuff we generally choose to record that are biased in ways we choose. I don’t mind signing up for this – for a day, maybe a week at the maximum.



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