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Just thinking… February 28, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in contemplation, india, politics.

Random thought ( which means no link follows )

– In India when politicians say that they lost because of the so-called anti-incumbency factor, they are half-admitting that they did a shitty job.

– When politicians come into the studio for a 10-30 min debate, I want to know first what is it that they agree on, if at all there is something. I really don’t care what you disagree on ( which is generally everything ). That will probably make them less exciting and TV channels have a stake there.  But then this is not a school competition where you debate to improve your debating skills;  these debates hopefully should be used to let viewers know where the representatives stand on some issues.

I think I am expecting too much.


More random thoughts :

What makes you feel richer ?

a) A friend who owed you Rs. 5000 ( $100 ) returns the amount after constant reminders.

b) You unexpectedly find a  Rs. 500 note ($10) in one of the pockets of a trouser you no longer use.

Obviously this depends on the relative amounts. What else does that depend on ?



1. Achala - March 1, 2007

It also depends on the surprise factor. In the first scenario, the money is yours – it’s only temporarily out of your hands – you’ll count it among your assets as a debt. So when it’s returned, you wouldn’t feel richer, the general feeling would be one of relief. :p
In the second scenario, it’s money you didn’t know you had, so adding it to what you know you have, you feel richer.

2. raosharath - March 2, 2007

Tend to agree …although the money is yours own in both cases and only ‘arrived’ by different means there is a difference our reaction to it …

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