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“When I was growing up…” February 21, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in life, reminisces-1990s, technology.

Likely* conversation circa 1999.

Hey, want to go check mail ?

Where do we go ?

There is a cybercafe about 5 minutes walk from my uncle’s place.

How much per hour ?

75 bucks.

Thats good yaar. Near my house he charges 90.

No man, this guy just started off. So first week its 75. Some promotion offer. So we have to go before this Sunday.

Okay, I will come over to your house saturday evening.

Likely one afternoon in 2007.

Hey, did you see that video I sent ?

No, when did you send it ?

I just sent it like 10 minutes back.

Oh, I just came in a couple of minutes back, didn’t check mail yet. No wonder I didn’t see your mail when I left from home.

1 second today is as long as 1 second used to be 100 years ago. It is just busier doing more things now than it used to. Maybe this is what Ray Kurzweil means when he talks of the Law of accelerating returns that might ultimately lead to a technological singularity. ( Although there are skeptics out there. )

All of the above apart, I have grown old enough to be able to construct sentences that start with “When I was growing up, ” ( and still say something interesting ).

* – Very close approximations to both the above conversations have taken place. No exaggeration, only modified to facilitate succint expression



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