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Speech recognition caveat February 21, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in CMU, humor, technology, videos.

In my post yesterday, I spoke about building a speech recognition system for Konkani. Well, if you speak anything like this, my system (might have a problem)*.

Please watch the whole video – interestingly he reads out two of my favorite lists – a) List of Oscar winning movies b) American presidents. I happen to remember a small parts of both these lists.

* – Will get all words wrong and might even add some of its own.


Meanwhile, my colleague Sanjika who generally sends me links to Youtube videos has taken note my google ban and has been nice enough to send this link to a non-google site. This video appears to suggest ( via spurious reasoning ) why smokers must not be nice to non-smokers.

…and non-smokers must not be nice to themselves. ( now you know why the google ban 😦 )



1. Abhinav - February 22, 2007

What’s with the Google ban?

2. raosharath - February 22, 2007

welcome back …

but ..uuh..i dont get ur question – meaning what i mean by ban or why i am doing it at all …both questions answered here :


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