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Et tu blog ! February 20, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging, humor.

Deepak has an excellent post here. In addition to being informative, his post is also trying to tell women who have a B.Tech/B.E. degree that he is not going to marry them 🙂 . What about doctors man ? 😀

On a totally unrelated note, here is an announcement I have to make. I ask some of my friends now and then about why they are not keen to start a blog. The answers span the broad spectrum of – not interested, wary of online presence, no time, don’t write well, no vocabulary, I don’t like blogs, who will read them etc.

I am now inducting the recent-most answer to the “Reasons-for-not-blogging-hall-of-fame” :

I don’t have any incentive to.

Oh, bloggers among you ! Tell us, what incentive do you have to blog ? ( I spent some time reading Wikipedia entry on Mahabharata, hence the language ). And non-bloggers galore, what incentive would you want ?



1. ggwfung - February 20, 2007

I just want to share my ideas with others and get them interested. Engage the mind.


2. Deepak Krishnan - February 20, 2007

This is Abhiram’s excuse:

I want to know my potential reader base before I start to write…

3. Ashwini - February 20, 2007

Autism-predominance among engineer’s children=don’t marry a doctor ! You reall should try “the” ban.
Unrelated note :- non-bloggers want many incentives but primarily this :
The liberty/convenience to “shuttle between work and leisure by using the browser tab to change windows.”

4. geniusadvice - February 20, 2007

critism…sharing blogs together.

5. raosharath - February 20, 2007

ggwfung : Thanks for your comment. I certainly agree.

geniusadvice : True too. I think blogging is really opening yourself up to criticism in ways that is otherwise hard to.

Deepak : Oh yeah, if abhiram doesn’t speak Abhiramese, who else will 😉

Ashwini : That sounds a lot like a related note 😀 – “The liberty/convenience to shuttle between work and leisure by using the browser tab to change windows.” – is a sufficient but not necessary condition IMO. I would suggest that people take time off from work and never change browser tabs, just keep blogging. 😉

6. Deepak Krishnan - February 20, 2007

as far as docs are concerned, let me just say, i am not as lucky as you to know so many of them… my count is just 2….

7. raosharath - February 20, 2007

Only 2 ? How many of them are vets 😉

8. Deepak Krishnan - February 20, 2007


9. Achala - February 20, 2007

No incentive needed: just too lazy to write.


Random observation: I notice that since the experiment began (dunno if it’s related or not), there have been more comments than posts. 🙂

10. Aswin - February 20, 2007

My incentives to blog – in decreasing order of priority:

(1) I love debates and discussions, hence a portal where I am the king of what is discussed implies that everything on my blog will be interesting to me and like minded people.

(2) Power – Quite similar to the point 1, one feels powerful when publishing one’s opinions 🙂 . The same feeling a journalist would feel writing an article for the NYT.

(3) An outlet for complaining about the world !

11. raosharath - February 20, 2007

yeah I agree with that one there – “everything on my blog will be interesting to me and like minded people.”

12. raosharath - February 20, 2007

@achala : I wonder if there are people too lazy to read, but writing is okay.

If there is a causality indeed, it will begin to worry me – its a thin rope walk – call off the ban and drive away commentators OR enjoy commentary and get stuck with some not so great alternatives. :-).

13. Ganesh Nayak - March 6, 2007


I feel proud when i write blog.

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