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Doctors and Job satisfaction February 19, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, littlerockers.

I was talking to a doctor friend of mine yesterday who complained that I am given to regularly taking doctors to task ( for no particular reason ) on this blog, subjecting one of the more noble professions to uncharitable scrutiny. See example here.

Hmm…I am afraid its happening again. Here is an extract from a chat with Dr. Sadiq Sherieef a while ago – what started as a very serious question, simply spun out of control.


raosharathonline: why you never thought of being a vet ?
sadiq_says_hi: dont ask me such questions .. why didnt I ever think of being a sailor then ..
raosharathonline: cmon …sailor diff…vet is still a doctor ..
sadiq_says_hi: well .. how many vets have u heard of in India …
raosharathonline: same job satisfaction ..
sadiq_says_hi: I mean personally ..
raosharathonline: i have known 3 of them …
sadiq_says_hi: other than one for ur dog ..
sadiq_says_hi: thts coz of baggy …
raosharathonline: rekha yadav…
sadiq_says_hi: oh ok …
raosharathonline: whats that got to do with you being a vet ?
sadiq_says_hi: I mean I never met a vet till now …
raosharathonline: REALLY !!
sadiq_says_hi: yea .. never ..
sadiq_says_hi: c mon why wud I ?
raosharathonline: i can imagine one healthy dog say that to another unhealthy one
sadiq_says_hi: :))
raosharathonline: “I mean I never met a vet till now”
raosharathonline: kinda making fun n all
sadiq_says_hi: yea ..
raosharathonline: u dont love animals uuh ?
raosharathonline: u love humanbeings more than animals ?????????????????
raosharathonline: thats another one-dog-to-another kinda statement
sadiq_says_hi: I mean if someone likes human beings and animals equally do u think he shud both be a vet and a physician ??
raosharathonline: no …he shud be a computer science chap
raosharathonline: zoo keeper maybe…you get to see both in abt equal numbers….
sadiq_says_hi: oh man ..
sadiq_says_hi: I think enuf of masti and serious conversation for today ..




1. Ashwini - February 19, 2007

after the “google-ban” try “doctor-ban”……….no topics related to doctors for say….. 1 wk. [for a start]
& the chat here……ur 1st question should have been answered with “yea..I am sure I would have done better as a vet.”.End of conversation..[hopefully]

2. raosharath - February 19, 2007

Yeah sadiq brought it on himself ( and indirectly hoisted it on the readers ) πŸ™‚

One ban at a time :p ..so we talk abt that next month. πŸ˜€

3. Sadiq - February 19, 2007

Ah I didnt know it will get here so soon!

Well, I have enough causes for worry as a doctor. I dont need someone to bring my profession to scrutiny πŸ™‚ Its very low impact at the moment atleast!

The end of that.

4. raosharath - February 20, 2007

Yeah I know you are worried, I just hope your patients dont have to worry that you are their doctor πŸ˜€

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