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“I regret whatever I do” February 18, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, life, littlerockers.

Dr. Ashwini Shenoy, a regular here on this blog, sends me this cartoon. We all know somebody who resembles (in temperament ) both the donkey (?) and the bear in this picture below, don’t we ?




1. Ashwini - February 19, 2007

No excuse for not guessing that “this” might happen 😦
Well Sharath,I’ll hold in my reaction to ‘hold on’ & compliment you for holding forth,until there’s a positive reaction from the “target”…..in the absence of which I plan to hold off.
After all “it’s not the thief who is hanged but the one who is caught stealing” πŸ˜‰
Problem is,I’m not sure which to apply to whom

2. raosharath - February 19, 2007

:)) I dont know how you interpret that….but what I meant was :

We all know atleast 2 people who resembles (in temperament ) both the donkey (?) and the bear in this picture below, don’t we ?

The 2 ppl I know cud be diff. from the 2 you do……so when you say target, am not sure what you mean….

3. Ashwini - February 19, 2007

Oh !that’s an easy way out……….path of least resistance….feigning ignorance..I shall follow your example……….who two people?….infact……who you? πŸ˜€

4. raosharath - February 19, 2007

No, trust me thats exactly what it was when I wrote the post ……its not like every blog reader here knows which 2 ppl you or I have in mind :-).

5. Deepak Krishnan - February 19, 2007

well, ashwini’s first comment has left me reading and re-reading the same, but still am not able to make any sense out of it…


my nominees are:

IR Rao (for his statement “If we are alive then we shall meet next semester” ) and Vijayan Immanuel (“It is time you guys had a paradigm shift”) πŸ˜€

6. Ashwini - February 19, 2007

@ Deepak
in a bid to be discreet I [nearly] didn’t make sense,but you could try this:
hold in =contain
hold on =support
holding forth =saying it openly
hold off =not support
& your nominees…..well let’s ask the blogger….I too am in the dark πŸ˜€

7. raosharath - February 20, 2007

DK …I dont get why so..you are maybe getting at another point altogether.

By the way, I would prefer Shakespeare’s lines to Rao’s πŸ˜‰

– If we shall meet again, we shall smile indeed
Else this parting is well made.

And I think Vijayan needed a manual shift of paradigm πŸ˜€

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