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Change of guard February 17, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, numbers-in-my-life, statistics, technology.

I am doing a couple of things unthinkable :
After over 5 years of having google as my homepage, I am switching to this one – the consequences being there will only be yahoo searches for a while instead of google searches. No, this is not a statement against one company and for another. I just want to see if there is any observable increase in level of frustration. Meanwhile, here is making a part-mockery of the privacy aspect of personalized search. Google used to be my homepage for historical reasons – in the days of dail-up, it was the fastest page to download. I dont know if people ever bothered about the quality of search results – because it was something hard to measure given that very little time was spent online.

This is what my search patterns look like – 1489 searches in the last 20 days – averaging 75 searches a day. And here is my hourly search statistics – what time of the day I am most busy googling.

Search patterns

Between 10 and 1:30 pm on two days, I have classes, so that effect stands out. I sleep late ( 3-4 am ) and rise late ( after 9 am other than when I have classes ) – that shows up too.

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Secondly, I have ripped apart from regular reading bookmarks. Economics/Politics links are gone. No newspapers, no mainstream media. Any exceptions ? None. Why ? For the heck of it – to create a new experience for myself. I know I will lose some interesting tid-bits, but that will happen anyway – the internet is too vast to not miss stuff. What am I having instead ? Lets see, that might be apparent in the links coming out in the next few days.

How long both these changes will last – I don’t know.



1. Ashwini - February 17, 2007

“my hourly search statistics” ! – It’s no surprise that you don’t cease to surprise 😉
“How long both these changes will last – I don’t know” – lesson learnt from the “moratorium” eh?…..We,after all,just wait for THE opportunity……to prey…:D

2. raosharath - February 17, 2007

Absolutely, from the many moratoriums of the yesteryears. 😀

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