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Assorted links February 16, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in assorted, economics, india, movies, politics, sport.

If after this match, one must have this to say : “The last time that Australia had a run rate below 3 in a completed first innings of an ODI was in the 1979 world cup”, it goes on to show how dominating the team has been in the first place.


Amit Varma has a new blog layout.


Misfortune awaits. Deepak Krishnan says :

Its been a long time since I felt for any cause after I left college. Dealing with work pressures, adjusting to life in Bombay and a general indoctrination into hi-fi fundas of commercialisation, I had almost forgotten my socialist leanings of the past two years. Time to unleash them!!

Deepak, we must talk. Heard about the Truman doctrine, haven’t you 🙂


Stupid politicians everywhere. We will check back in due course to see how much of this nonsense will be accomplished without rendering solutions worse than the problems.

In a two-hour speech to about 10,000 supporters north of Paris, she laid out a 100-proposal platform, pledging to raise pensions, to increase the minimum wage to €1,500, or about $2,000, a month and to guarantee a job or further training for every youth within six months of graduating from university.

Did I read that right ? 100-proposals ? I am beginning to have an itch that no emoticon can satisfy.


Commonsensical ( and therefore non-obvious ) notes on how blogging is so much like the free market.

Ripping Amitabh Bachchan. Somebody out there would call a spade nothing but. Another spade-caller ripping the Congress/UPA government.

And the biggest of them all.



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