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To dr. or not to dr. February 15, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in CMU, geo-politics, humor, india, politics.

“We thought everybody in their right mind ought to get a Ph.D.”

That’s google-mom, I mean, Sergey Brin’s mom. As I enter into the millionth phase of the battle within – trying to answer the question about whether I should go for a Ph.D. or quit and seek out a corporate position, I see obviously unsolicited suggestions 🙂 coming from everywhere – people in the media first and now celebrity moms :D.

Its a bit like the Iraq insurgency – a few months ago I thought that the question was settled – no Ph.D. for me – I thought that the daily battle between the Shias and Sunnis within was nearing the end, that the “insurgency was in its last throes“, until I shot the lawyer…..uuh….. hmm…I mean that metaphor just spun itself out of control.

In the end though, I hope I have a reason for what I decide to do, for I can’t get away by just saying that “the ball was not coming on to the bat and the odd ball kept low.” As I despondently look forward to confidence building measures, peaceful settlement through bilateral talks, my right to self-determination, early resolution of this vexed dispute, issue, matter, idea, theme, thought, CNN-IBN reminds me that there are more important things in life.

Until then I agree to disagree with myself. Sooner or later, when the ice melts I expect a thaw in my relations. With myself. And then I hope all outstanding issues, including the core issue that of Ph.D, will be amicably resolved. Ofcourse, without re-drawing the map.



1. Deepak Krishnan - February 17, 2007

you should go for a PhD!!! but only after u have worked for a while!!! will add an extra tag to the existing ‘student’ tag…

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