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Whats wrong February 12, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in movies.

..with this argument from Shah Rukh Khan ?

Karan Thapar: Another issue that the Health Minister has specifically raised and in raising it, in fact, he took your name among others, is that people like you should not identify with an advertised soft drinks. He says soft drinks are bad. Children see you and start drinking it themselves. He appealed to you not to advertise soft drinks.

Shah Rukh Khan: I would appeal to any authority like that to ban it. Don’t let it sell in our country if it is bad for children. If smoking is bad, don’t allow production in this country.

Karan Thapar: And the corollary is that if you are not banning it, then don’t appeal to me not to advertise.

Shah Rukh Khan:My logic is you are not stopping it because it gives you a revenue. Let’s be honest about it. You are not stopping certain products if you think that they are harmful, but they earn revenue to the government. Then don’t stop my revenue, I am an actor. I am supposed to do a job and get revenue from it. Very clearly, if you think something is wrong, stop making it. There is no problem with that.

Nothing, as far as I am concerned.

Usual disclaimers : I am not a modern bollywood fan and if I got a dollar for every movie I didn’t watch, I would be a millionaire. So supporting SRK on his stand has got nothing to do with my appreciation ( or otherwise ) of his acting/non-acting abilities/inabilities.

If kids imitating stars is a problem, then its the parents’ responsibility to look into the matter. Passing the buck by suggesting/supporting blanket solutions as a substitute for your inability to engage your own kids in the matter is not done. And ofcourse, there is no evidence to suggest that filmmaker are in collusion with the soft-drink/tobacco industry to get more and more Indians to consume them !



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