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Interesting things today February 10, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in economics, weird.

1. About selling off the Central Park ( that sits in the middle of Manhattan ) to make money :

But even if the city needed the money, it might not want to sell off its giant patch-of-green-amidst-the-concrete. Real estate pundit Jonathan Miller writes “the net value of all of Manhattan would be less after Central Park was developed.” And this article from the electronic journal “Planning & Markets” states: “…the city council keeps Manhattan’s Central Park unbuilt not because Greens rule the Big Apple, but because property values overall are higher with the park than with luxury condos (apartments) on the site.”

From here.

2. A new kind of restaurant.

When you’re at the “Terra Bite Lounge,” you pay whatever you feel like: from nothing at all to 40 bucks or whatever else you want to put into the metal lock box.

Its like astrologers and palmists that I have heard of who have the same ‘Terms of service’. 🙂

3. A video on how the internet has changed (itself) and so much else.

4. Feuds in the cricket field. This one and this one (more funny 🙂 ).

Botham was promoted to No.4 with the aim of quick runs – and also with a specific order from Bob Willis, the vice-captain: “Go and run the bugger out.” Given the mental state of the tour party, it was a sentiment that probably echoed what they were all feeling.

Botham’s first job was to let Chatfield know what he thought of his behaviour, and he then walked on to meet Boycott, who told him how he was struggling. Botham smiled and told him not to worry, and that he would sort it.

After 20 minutes the chance came. Botham called for the most improbable of singles, and by the time a bemused Boycott realised what was happening it was too late and Botham had run past him before he could regain his ground at the non-striker’s end. “He never stood a chance,” admitted Botham. “What have you done, what have you done,” Boycott muttered as it dawned on him he was out. Botham’s unprintable response has gone down in folklore.



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