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Ms. Rai and her many husbands February 3, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, india, movies, rant.

Fighting idiocy with more idiocy.

Aishwarya is a Manglik (astrologically Mars-bearing), which is believed to
have negative consequences for her impending marriage. The actress is said to
have married a peepal tree at Benaras, a banana tree at a Bangalore temple and a
god’s idol in Ayodhya.

Does Mr. Rai realize that if the same set of rituals/principles that suggest that she marry trees because of her astrological endowments insisted that Mangliks be killed at birth, she would not be alive.

And there is more idiocy :

Lawyer Shruti Singh, who filed the PIL earlier this week, says the ritual
promotes untouchability. “I filed a PIL to stop such practices as reportedly
conducted by actor Amitabh Bachchan for his future daughter-in-law Aishwarya
Rai. It is in violation of Article 17 of the Constitution, which prohibits
untouchability. It also violates fundamental human rights,” said Shruti.

No, thats not all. The night before as I was taking the CMU college shuttle back home at 2:30 am, the driver was listening to a radio show where a ‘demonologist’ was being interviewed. Yeah, I don’t know if there is such a word, but yeah, as you guessed, he studies demons for a living.

Now from the CIA factbook, the literacy figures : India : 59.5% ; USA : 99%



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