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Mint : The new bloke on the block February 3, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in india, media.

Like Amit Sharma ( and not necessarily for the same reasons – he will be writing for them), I am quite excited about the new business paper from the HT – The Mint.

That they have tied up with the WSJ would mean they are going to free-market in their slant. As the editorial says :

Economic freedoms have increased manifold since 1991. Yet, India continues
to have one of the most fettered economic systems in the world. We still live in
a country that is technically socialist and where the right to property is not a
fundamental right. The state can brazenly take over private land for what it
believes to be the public good. The freedom to truck, barter and trade is still
suppressed. A farmer cannot sell his grain in the next state. We believe that
trade among people and nations promotes specialization, transfers knowledge and
advances prosperity. The creative energies of Indians have been suppressed by a
state that once had paternalistic ambitions, but which has become increasingly
corrupt and inefficient. This paper will be a voice in support of the transfer
of power from state to market.

Moreover, as is mentioned here :

We will not dilute our usefulness by attempting to be all things to all people,
or be a general newspaper. Nor will our focus be narrowly stock markets
oriented: While the numbers are growing, less than 3% of all Indians own shares.

Their website looks good – no clutter there – not at least for now. I hope they stay that way. I like the content – whatever I spent a little time surfing. Expect more links from there ! I haven’t been following the Economic Times lately, but I (really) hope Mint breaks their back. Its going to take some time – lets give them 5 years to capture a sizeable market share.



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