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For over 20 years now… February 3, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, life.

This article from the Mint caught my eyes :

Saturday afternoon, 3pm. Juggling weighty PDAs, board meetings, even matters of state, four men leave work to make time for leisure. For 20 years now, their estination has been the same: a square table that seats four in a room with a view and a pack of cards.

For the next few hours, the silence in the room is broken only by staccato pronouncements: “One club. Two spades.” A fine painting of card players is a
backdrop to this tableau, mirroring the concentration of this successful foursome. Suddenly, one of the players gets up and roars, another laughs aloud; then things settle down. We’re at Deepak Parekh’s weekend game of bridge at Hema and Murli Deora’s home.

Doing one thing for much of the last 20 years with the same set of people !! Amazing, isn’t it !

Yeah, I guess this is the kind of things I miss here – a steady bunch of people you meet up regularly to do something. Not that its not possible, just that it has not happened and looks unlikely for a while to come.



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