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In a free country …. January 27, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in india, rant.

Apparently Mr. Bachchan wants to pray to the ‘gods’ and in the process, he and his friends in the UP government will trample on people’s livelihood. This can happen only in a ‘free country’ like India. Mr. Bachchan, instead of giving out platitudes about being impressed with the love of your fans and the people of India, do something.

While fans in the city might be a happy lot, local traders are not all that amused. The police have ordered shops to shut down during the visit of the superstars. Therefore it is more of a question of livelihood for them more than a sneak peak at their Bollywood idols.

“It’s a matter of our livelihood. Once they come we will have to shut our shops,” a trader says.

“It’s good to get a glimpse of stars but we will have to keep our shops closed,” another trader adds.

“Once the stars arrive roads will be blocked and it will be difficult for everyone including the other devotees,” another trader says.

So the Bachchan’s spree to please the gods and goddess continues and while the visit has been perfectly timed to Amar Singh’s birthday, sources tell us that a ceremony for Ash and Abhishek is also on the programme.



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