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Bollywood, Bush and Nitihari January 24, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, economics, india, politics.

Amit Varma has well-written post slams Bollywood for its historical potrayal of businesses as unethical, of never having celebrated human enterprise and expresses glee that Bollywood might finally be going capitalist ! While I am tempted to say – “Too little too late, I change my mind” (to Bollywood, not Amit ! ) , I will make a departure and instead say this.

In Bollywood, over the ages, one of the template villains has been the businessman. He will look suitably sinister, will alienate his own children, and will either deal in drugs or arms on the side, or spend his time evicting slum dwellers. Anything for profit, especially murder and rape. Most Bollywood businessman villains were classic caricatures of “the evil capitalist,” exploiting the workers and growing rich on their blood and toil. They often freelanced as mafia dons or were crony capitalists, but when the hero raged against their greed, this distinction was lost: business—and the profit motive—were itself painted as twisted, and the rare benevolent businessman stood out starkly as an exception to the rule.

Amar Singh meanwhile thinks Nitihari is not a law and order problem. He says don’t politicize it – its a problem with the system he says – and proceeds to do exactly that in his next sentence. Well, what if it happened in a Congress/BJP ruled state ?

Karan Thapar: Both, how they handled it before the killings were discovered, when they were avoiding registering FIRs, and afterwards?

Amar Singh: I am fully agreed with you that nobody should be spared. But my only thing is politicisation of this entire issue is wrong.

Karan Thapar:I agree with you. I am not politicising, I am trying to establish the truth and your opposition.

Amar Singh: I am using your forum for a noble message. I am not attacking anybody. Whether it is Nithari; where it is Gurgaon serial killings, where for Rs 100, 28 people were killed; or it is Mukhtsar where the same kind of crime was discovered in the premises of a Congress leader; or it is the Hyderabad skeletons…

Statistical analysis of the State of the Union address. Hmm..statistics catching on in the mainstream media :p. Type in a word to see how often its been occurring over the years.



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