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heels, bags and the like … January 23, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in life, science.

John Tierney at his new science blog asks : Why do women suffer to look like skeletons even when men don’t want them to? And he quotes replies he got :

“I find it incredibly curious,” wrote Stephen de Las Heras “that women’s aesthetic judgments are so influenced by other women. Men prefer the wider hips, and most likely could care less about high heels and handbags. Yet for many women all these things are essential to marking their beauty status with other women.” (He was quickly corrected by another reader about the high heels – although men don’t care if Jimmy Choo made the heels, they definitely like what the heels do to the legs and derriere.)

Interesting. When my friend was describing a busy day where she had to literally run around in her high heeled shoes, I asked her a few questions. Why the high heels ? a) visual effects – looking taller ( she is 5’5″ ) or the b) audio effects – the sound that she would make when she walk into a quiet room. She wasnt sure why. She asked me if I notice shoes or high heels. Yeah, if someone trips over and falls off, I will look to see if its their heels that gave them up. I asked her how many pairs of shoes she has. “On average, women have about 8-9 pairs of shoes at a time”. Since she told me the average value, it is safe to presume she owns more :p.

Now this is a personal experience and I only speak for myself. Moreover, given how different statistical properties of men and women are, I am sure there are things that men do to make a mark ( among other men) mistakenly imagining that it registers a few points with women. I can’t think of something right away – 4-wheel drive, xx turbo power V8, xx BHP engine, auto-transmission…..etc. etc. perhaps.



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