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Sidhuisms, Idiocy and shameless plagiarism January 22, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in rant, sport.

Notice this exchange between Mr. Navjot Sidhu and Anuradha Sengupta early in the interview :

Anuradha SenGupta: When do you sit and think of these Sidhuisms? Do they just come extemporary or do you think of certain areas where you need to create a few of them?

Navjot Singh Sidhu: When you do live shows and you do live cricket, can anybody tell you what will happen in the match? It is like a machine gunfire when you sit in front of 300 hundred people. Everybody wants to ask a question. Can you be prepared for it?

You will not even have time to think. It is like a bullet from a shotgun. It is spontaneous. It has to come from the heart. I always say, ‘Dil se jo baat nikalti hai, asar rakhti hai’ or whatever comes from the heart, communicates.

Late in the interview Sidhu says :

Navjot Singh Sidhu has never looked for sympathy. I made 17 comebacks in the Indian cricket team. If the conclusion is to withdraw then—he who dallies is a dastard, he who doubts is damned. I don’t doubt myself.

Anuradha then asks him : Was that quote your original or did you quote someone else?

He clearly evades the quesion and says :

What ever it is, I will give you another one. Doubt creates a mountain, faith will either demolish that mountain or tunnel through it.

I wish Anuradha had a laptop right there because it turns out – “he who dallies is a dastard, he who doubts is damned”, is a quotation from one George Mcduffle.

Later in the interview in response to a separate question he says :

Have you heard a song sung by Asha Bhosle that says Aage bhi jaane na tu, peeche bhi jaane na tu. Jo bhi hai bas yehi ek pal hai (You don’t know about the future or the past. Everything happens in the present). Let me put it into a Sidhuism. The past is a bucketful of ashes. No body built a reputation thinking about tomorrow. Between yesterday’s regret and tomorrow’s hope is today’s opportunity. Take it!

Now let me break that down for you :

“The past is a bucketful of ashes” is a quote from Carl Sandburg.

“Between yesterday’s regret and tomorrow’s dream lies today’s opportunity” is a quote from Barbara Johnson

“No body built a reputation thinking about tomorrow” is a almost the quotation from Henry Ford.

The biggest irony here in a TOI interview where he says :

Then he talks about the importance of being original, “My originality is my strength, I live in the present, the past is a bucketful of ashes.”

So Sidhu, you think we are idiots to buy this from you and that nobody will figure you out. Lot of smart people already have.

There is a quotation due to Alex Mayfield who said – “Every time [some software engineer] says, “Nobody will go to the trouble of doing that,” there’s some kid in Finland who will go to the trouble.”
He was referring to leave out loopholes thinking people are too ignorant to figure that out, somewhat a reference to the rise of Linux. Here too, all that requires to expose the liar-plagiarist that Mr. Sidhu is, all one requires is a computer connected to the internet and a disdain for people like you.

And as for CNN-IBN, the less said the better. Thanks for having censored by comment on your website !



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