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Shashi Tharoor quotes the "Epistles" January 15, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, india, landmark-post, life, media.

About a month ago I wrote this post quoting Shashi Tharoor’s article on doctors leaving the Indian shores – the medical brain drain. Since Tharoor took the often cited ( and more than meritorious ) position that the Indian public should not be subsidizing the education if they were to leave Indian shores to adopt foreign lands. Recognizing that this position will not go down well with a section of the public, I wrote :

Although I more than recognize the issue as I wrote before, I will not jump to conclusions right here, right now. In the meantime I will leave Mr. Tharoor to read his weekly quota of hate mails.

Turns out I wasnt entirely right. In his article in the Hindu dated Jan 7th, 2006, Tharoor says :

As is usually the case, the responses can broadly be divided into two categories: agreement (sometimes enthusiastic) and disagreement (often vehement). But many in both categories of respondents are willing to see some merit in the opposite point of view, which has led to somewhat more nuanced positions than anticipated by blogger Sharath Rao in Pennsylvania, who cheerfully wrote, “I will leave Mr. Tharoor to read his weekly quota of hate mails”.



1. aquarianalien - January 16, 2007

Wow..so what does it feel like to see your name in the paper πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ …( I guess this wouldn’t be the first time…)

2. manjunath - January 16, 2007

hey thats a great news,..!!! Even Shashi Tharoor reads your blog,.. !!!

3. Deepak Krishnan - January 16, 2007

did tharoor come across ur blog while surfing or was the link to ur entry forwarded?? Wrong question (party spoiler to put it precisely) i know!!! But i exist according to this proverb “Shivapoojeyalli karadi nuggida haage”.. (Just as if a bear gate-crashed into the Pooja for Lord Shiva)…

4. Somayaji Ravi - January 16, 2007

indication of next-in-media man! Man I certainly used to feel, if there is a problem(social/civil/general) I would write to the newspapers and god know whether they would publish them. But this is kinda nice, you dont even have to post them to the news guys, they pick it up from your home, guess I’ll pick up skills of inviting them to your home from you πŸ™‚

5. Sharath Rao - January 17, 2007

Natasha :

Really shocking stuff…I am not a very regular at the Hindu …read it more like once every two weeks …this came as a shocker certainly…

On a few other occasions the newspapers have carried my names – mostly udayvani and mostly for stuff like quiz contests ( i have a cutting of some of these ) and therefore kinda expected…

But national level daily and by a celebrity as such is quite another thing.

Manjunath, Deepak :

As he says earlier in the article someone must have forwarded him …or maybe he may searched for his name on google blog search ( http://www.google.com/alerts?t=4&hl=en&q=shashi+tharoor+doctors&ie=UTF-8 )

infact I have written not quite so kindly about him in my earlier article –


Ravi :

I have never actually written to a newspaper ever !! ( Although I once wrote to the president of India :p )

6. Dr. (Ms) Viswa P Rath - March 1, 2007

Dear Sharath,

Setting aside everything that you thought and wrote about “The two sides of a debate”; I am quite surprised to read the comments from your readers.

Manjunath says “even Tharoor reads your blog”…….?????

Somayaji Ravi says ” Tharoor picks up news from home”….????

They should know that comments were invited from readers and like others you too must have forwarded your thought process. And you noticed that Mr.Tharoor stirred a intellectual debate where our ideas were accepted and projected.

I could never understand what you or your readers wanted to share. Maybe that’s what Indo-US humour is all about!!

Take care buddy.

7. raosharath - March 1, 2007

Hello Ms. Rath,

Thanks for the comment.

I agree its hard to pick up things when you run into people with an idiosyncratic sense of humor. Manjunath’s is a tongue-in-cheek remark and Ravikanth is obviously pulling my leg. πŸ™‚

As for “you too must have forwarded your thought process”, the fact that this did not happen is the reason for surprise. As a non-celebrity common man ( with a blog that has limited readership among friends), I am not used to opening the newspaper to discover a reference being made to me.

I must sympathize with your unfamiliarity with certain kinds of idiosyncratic humor, I had a hard time to start with as well. πŸ™‚ Although there is nothing “Indo-US” about it, don’t you agree that it takes all kinds of humor to make the world interesting. πŸ˜‰

8. Dr. (Ms) Viswa P Rath - March 2, 2007

Ummm…I think you just read what you wrote. Try to concentrate on what others too say; then you will find me there – where I found you…hehehe! http://www.hinduonnet.com/mag/2007/01/07/stories/2007010700130300.htm

I surmise, you too didn’t understand what Indo-US humour actually means!

Take care Buddy.

9. raosharath - March 2, 2007

πŸ™‚ . I have read the article and I am aware that you are being quoted. But what is thing you are referring to as “Indo-US humor”….since I don’t know if there is any such thing, you would have to be more explicit about that.

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