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Where we learnt our lessons January 14, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in general, life.

Lions sleep about 20 hours a day (Boy, would I like be one of them!). Adult lions don’t have natural predators. So they can sleep happily. Male lions in the pride don’t hunt. They just watch as the females hunt down zebras, wilderbeests, buffalo etc. The females work in unity. They have a plan.

They spot a herd a zebras grazing in the fields. The most experienced lioness is in the front, slowly walking and stalking the zebras. Her belly is touching the ground, because she is lying low. She doesn’t want the zebras to see her. It is kind of confusing, because lions see in black and white, and the zebra stripes are not helping the situation to just isolate one animal from the herd.

She comes near the zebras and start the chase. Zebras start running. They are 2-3 times as big as the lioness. She doesn’t want to get kicked by them. She isolate one zebra and start chasing it. She is getting tired after a little while.

It is like a relay. Now the second lioness start chasing who was waiting for the zebra to pass her. Then the third lioness. The zebra cannot escape. It falls down, one lioness suffocate it. Lunch is ready.

The males arrive. They eat first usually. If they are not too hungry, they will tolerate the females eating along with them. All this time, Numa and the rest of the cubs are with a babysitter, usually a younger lioness.

From here. Unfortunately until recently, another species I am more familiar practised a similar way of life.



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